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It's time to fix the wires! A felt phone holder helps maintain order and comfort in the room. Place the phone in a separate pocket, and hang the holder on the inserted charger unit. Using this tool re
KTU blanket with wool - will warm up and provide coziness. Made of acrylic and wool, 140 x 200 cm wide, KTU blanket is a great attribute for creating coziness in the home and home. Wool provides warmt
KTU metal holder - for all life occasions. Great for both home and office to save space or make your belongings more comfortable to keep. The holder attaches to the edge of the table with the help of
It’s not just a cup! The KTU porcelain cup will become an integral part of your morning coffee or tea drinking ritual. It is convenient to store and use, easy to wash, and for those who do not drink h
No need to turn your head on how to wrap gifts! KTU paper gift bag with satin ribbons is a delicate, classic style bag, perfect for wrapping various gifts.