How to buy

The actions which will help You acquire the desired goods:

1. Add the items You wish to acquire to your shopping cart. This can be done by pressing the button Add to Cart.

2. If You wish to purchase the selected goods, press the button Shopping Cart located in the top right corner of the website window.

3. In the opened window, You shall see the full history of your order. If You do not want to make any amends to your cart, You just need to press the Checkout button and fill in the Buyer’s data as well as select the delivery and payment methods. You then confirm your order by pressing the Place an order button. Do not forget to tick the confirmation that You agree to the shopping conditions and rules.

4. A confirmation as well as a pre-invoice shall be sent to the email address You have indicated.

Should any difficulties arise while making an order, You can call +370 616 23264 or send an email to