Return and replacement of goods

1. Goods are returned on the grounds of the Rules of Retail as outlined in the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, Article 6.362 and Decree No. 697 of June 11, 2001 of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.

2. On the grounds of Directive 2011/83/ES of the European Parliament and the European Council regarding consumers’ rights and the Civil Code of the Republic of Lithuania, Article 6.362 Part 1, any goods (except for printed books and other typed production as well as other goods listed in Paragraph 17 of the Rules of Retail) can be returned within 14 (fourteen) days since the date of the delivery of goods.

3. No payments for services are refunded except for selling-buying contracts pertaining to accommodation, goods delivery, vehicle hire, public catering or leisure services in cases when a specific date or period of the provision of services have been indicated in the selling-buying contract.


If upon receiving your order You notice that the goods are of substandard quality, please contact us immediately via email  or by calling +370 616 23264. We shall replace substandard items with quality ones or refund the payment.

Upon return of the Goods by the Buyer, the following conditions must be adhered to:

  •       The returned item must be in the original and orderly packaging;
  •       The returned item cannot have been damaged by the Buyer in any way;
  •       The returned item cannot have been used and cannot have lost its commercial (merchandising) appearance (i.e., all of the labeling must not be damaged, the protective film cannot have been removed, etc.). This point is not applicable if Goods of substandard quality are returned;
  •       The returned item of Goods must be of the same assembly/ structure as delivered to the Buyer;
  •       When returning an item Goods, the presentation of a document proving its acquisition is required.

The returned Goods must be returned to the address Studentų 54-130, Kaunas, Lithuania in any way which the client finds convenient.