Publishing services

If You want to publish a book, a leaflet or a calendar, or if You need a small circulation of a catalogue, a brochure or a poster, feel free to contact us. KTU Publishing House is in a possession of its own printing house; therefore, the services it provides includes a variety of publishing processes: editing, layout design, photo scanning, lamination, soft and hard cover binding, spiral binding or stitch binding, development of graphic design solutions and digital printing. Our electronic bookshop may serve as the perfect medium of distributing your books.


The publishing house provides all the traditional and e-publishing services: editing, creation of the design of the book, layout design, preparation of a book for printing and e-book publishing.


Editing is the initial and inevitable stage of publishing. When editing, syntax, grammar, word choice and any other mistakes are eliminated, the layout of the text and its style are verified, and any imprecisely used terms are replaced. Editors consider the nature of the text, its objective, addressee(s) and the addresser, the media of the presentation and other factors determining the choice of the style. A thorough correction of the final version of the book minimizes the likelihood of imprecisions in the text.

Design and layout design

Design is a creative process in the course of which a designer creates the visual appearance of a publication from photos, text and other elements. The experience accrued at the publishing house is highly beneficial when implementing any design work, which allows achieving the optimal combination of the creative ideas of the publishing house staff, consideration of the needs of the Buyer and the ultimate individuality of the devised product.

Layout design is the development of the layout of any future publication by employing specialized software and laying out the textual and visual information as well as the preparation of developed designs for publication.

The design of editions is created, and the layout function is performed for:

  •   Internet editions (You can send them via email in jpgpdfe. pub formats);
  •   Books – full preparation of the layout for publication, formatting of photos, diagrams, covers and illustrations;
  •   Postcards, calendars;
  •   Conference publications, journals, draft documents and various accounts;
  •   Catalogues of production and brochures;
  •   Other publications.

The publishing house can also offer non-standard design as well as layout design solutions.


The printing section of the publishing house provides digital publishing services, offers large format publishing (up to A1 paper size) and promotional material publication.

Work performed after publishing:        

  • Binding of books and brochures by applying various methods: hardcover, gluing, gluing-stitching, saddle stitching, spiral binding, riveting and screw binding;
  • Production cutting, creasing, folding and packaging;
  • Paper drilling;
  • Coating;
  • Perforation;
  • Lamination.

The printing house of the publisher may publish books as well as calendars, posters, flyers, leaflets, work calendars, notebooks, writing pads and business cards prepared for publishing by the publishing house.

A flexible discount system is offered to regular clients.

Reading hall of electronic publications

Students, lecturers and any other staff of KTU online at can read the books published by Publishing House “Technologija” for free. Access is provided via a computer or a smartphone and is restricted to the IP addresses of the university.

Legal persons and natural persons may also order and read ebooks and their sets.

We wait for your information to be sent to

  • A list of selected readings;
  • Period of reading (1 month, 3 months, 6 months);
  • Enterprise data (if an invoice is required).