Plagiarism check

Price: €9.99
  • Nominal no.

File Requirements

  • Files must be less than 100MB.
  • The maximum document length is 400 pages.
  • Files must contain at least 20 words of text.
  • Files must not exceed 2MB of raw text.
  • Zip files may contain up to 200MB or 1,000 files.
  • The file name must be 3-64 characters long!

We currently support file upload for the following document types:
Word, Text, PostScript, PDF, HTML, Excel, PowerPoint, Word Perfect WPD, OpenOffice ODT, RTF, Hangul HWP

The publishing house is a member of the iThenticate system and can thus provide the service of manuscript authenticity verification which allows the Buyer to find out to what extent a paper is original and what size of a paper (per cent) overlaps with the content of other works; besides, all the sources whose texts are analogous to the manuscript text are also indicated. All the papers uploaded for verification are carefully stored. Papers and their fragments are anonymously compared with any information published online. We strongly emphasize that the works are not checked against any works contained in the eLABa Repository that have not been made publicly available. As soon as the customer has been transferred the account of overlapping featuring the results of the check in the .pdf format, the text uploaded for verification as well as the results of verification and any relevant information are deleted from the system and shall not be transferred to third parties under any circumstances.

Verification fee (applicable to a single uploaded text): 6.05  (including VAT)

If You want to check the authenticity of a paper, You perform the following sequence of steps:

1. Press the button "Upload file" and insert the file, which you want to check.

2. Insert a ‘Plagiarism Check’ item into your shopping cart and pay the order.

3. If You pay the order by performing a bank transfer at a later time, forward a copy of your transfer via email to

4.  Send the file You want to check in the .doc format to email address

5. Within one or two working days, we shall deliver You the overlapping account in the .pdf format containing the verification results*.

* The publishing house offers only data of the overlapping account. Services of plagiarism assessment are not offered.