What are cookies and what is the purpose of their use?

A cookie is a small-sized file which is sent to your browser and stored in your device when you open some internet website, e.g.,


Cookies provide an opportunity to the internet website to operate more efficiently and to optimize its services; in addition, cookies provide information to the administrators of the website for statistical and marketing purposes. First of all, we strive to individualize your marketing experience by remembering You (for example, by logging in to your account, You are recognized, and promotional data that You find irrelevant is not shown to You anymore, etc.).


What cookies do we use and what are our objectives?

Our website uses a variety types of cookies by specific functions. Below in the table, more detailed explanations are presented.


Navigation cookies            

These cookies are necessary for You to browse the website and benefit from its functions, such as the access to the safe areas of the website. Without these cookies, internet purchases are impossible.


Functional cookies            

These cookies allow the internet website to remember your choices (your login data) and to offer advanced and personalized functions.

If You have already added an item into our purchase trolley and closed the website window without completing the purchase, these cookies allow You to continue your shopping the next time You visit our website (within a limited timeframe) – You will still find the same items that You had sent to your purchase trolley.

Functional cookies are not necessary on an internet website; however, they enhance the quality of browsing and boost the experience of the website users.


Analytical cookies             

These cookies are used on our website with the objective to draft statistical analysis of the browsing methods employed by the visitors of our website. uses the data accrued on the grounds of the use of these cookies only anonymously and exceptionally for statistical purposes. Our website uses services provided by third parties which, on their behalf, install some cookies as well.


Social network cookies     

These cookies are necessary if You want to use any information presented at in your social profile account. For example, they are used if You want to share data on some goods item or to highlight your liking/preference when interacting with friends via your social network account. Social network cookies have no impact on browsing our website.


Data on the accumulated cookies


Cookie name

Objective of data management

Moment of creation

Validity period

Data in use cookie


Main user session ID

When opening the page

Until the end of the browsing session

A unique key is generated website language setting


A cookie designed for storing the user website browsing language choice

When opening the page

1 month

Language settings website currency setting


A cookie designed for storing the user website browsing currency choice

When opening the page

1 month

Currency choice

Google Analytics cookie


A cookie designed for Google analytics to conduct statistical research

When opening the page

2 years

Google Analytics for statistics


How do I turn off the cookies and manage my settings?

It is possible to turn off cookies while using most browsers. Still, we kindly remind You that turning off navigation or functional cookies may affect the operation of the website and/or restrict our possibility to provide our services to You.


Below, guidelines are presented for web browsers that You can use to manage the cookies:




Internet Explorer:


Should You want to get further information regarding our cookies, their management and your preferences concerning third-party profiling, please refer to Should You wish to turn off analytical cookies and prevent Google Analytics from gathering data on your browsing, You can find the additional browser plugin at:


In the initial page that You opened, the following text will be presented in the information alert:

In order to maintain the efficiency of the operation of, in order to enhance your browsing experience and for marketing purposes, we do use cookies. While browsing further, You will have cookies recorded in your browser. For additional information on our cookies and how to get rid of them, please check the cookies use memo at