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KTU cup with lid and exclusive eye-catching design! The cup is suitable for both cold and hot drinks because the cup has double walls that retain heat longer and you can hold the cup in hands with con
It's time to fix the wires! A felt phone holder helps maintain order and comfort in the room. Place the phone in a separate pocket, and hang the holder on the inserted charger unit. Using this tool re
A pencil you can bring back to life! KTU's growing pencil is not just a writing tool. At the end of the pencil there is a capsule containing basil seeds. Using a pencil, place the remainder in a pot w
A unique style pen is a thoughtful present that will please not only a co-worker, partner, or student but also you. The metal pen with a gel ballpoint comes in a handy black box with an engraved KTU l
No need to turn your head on how to wrap gifts! KTU paper gift bag with satin ribbons is a delicate, classic style bag, perfect for wrapping various gifts.